3 things you need to know about working with a sustainable printing team

sustainable printing

Sustainable printing processes that combat our carbon footprints If you’re looking for a sustainable printing company to help you achieve your business goals, you need to know what you’re looking for before working with a team. When you’re working with a team to help develop your business or improve your current services, it’s essential to […]

The importance of proofreading for corporate printing service

corporate printing services

The process of a corporate printing service for your business marketing  There can be no doubt that the English language is an incredibly tricky thing to master. Those who are not native English will often complain about how difficult the language is, with similar wording, grey area writing and confusing conjunctives!  When you are planning […]

Finding the perfect leaflet print finish for your campaigns

leaflet print finish

How choosing a leaflet print finish can affect your marketing campaign There are many different ways to produce leaflets for your business marketing campaign. Each method has its benefits but will also have a different effect on the final product. The print finish is the part of the leaflet that users touch first, and it […]

Refresh your business with environmentally-friendly business cards in 2022

Environmentally-friendly business cards

Give your business a new lease of life with business cards in 2022 The use of paper and recycled paper continues to rise every year, but this still is not nearly enough to reduce waste and save our earth’s natural resources. However, there is a solution to fix this. Environmentally-friendly business cards. Business cards are one […]

2022 magazine printing trends that you will want to keep an eye on

magazine printing

2022 magazine printing trends that you will want to keep an eye on Magazine printing trends have been changing fast over the last five years. With the increasing demand for personalised business marketing and advertising, the printing industry is keeping up with the ever-changing looks we are trying to achieve in our magazine marketing campaigns. […]

Christmas menu printing with your Chesham printers

local printers

Christmas menu printing with your Chesham printers There is often nothing better than sitting in a restaurant over the Christmas period trying to decide which delicious foods you will taste. If you are a restaurant or venue planning on offering Christmas parties and dining this year, don’t leave it until the last minute to get […]

Frighteningly good storefront graphics to boost your high street presence

Storefront graphics

Frighteningly good storefront graphics to boost your high street presence It’s that spooky time of year again! A chance to show your skills with fantastic storefront prints and decorations that will have your customers flocking in from all sides. Whether it’s for an event, a special promotion, or just to draw potential customers towards your […]

Don’t be the only business not taking advantage of your local printer!

Local Printer

Don’t be the only business not taking advantage of your local printer! What is it that makes a printing company so valuable? What’s the difference between a local printer vs online printer? A local printer is the one that you can go to their office, visit them, have a talk with, ask questions, discuss your […]

Personalised Protective Workwear for The Local Council

Printing workwear

In any potentially hazardous work environment, employees have to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as part of their uniform. PPE can take the form of specific footwear, safety goggles, hard hats and high visibility jackets. All aim to reduce the risks associated with working in that specific environment, but what has this got to do […]

Top Quality Printing Services at an Incredible Value

Top Quality Printing Services at an Incredible Value

If you are focused on keeping printing costs to a minimum, you may think it is cheaper to use your own printer for business cards and stationery. Is this the best option, or could it be cheaper to use local corporate printing services? At Butterfly Print & Design, we apply the efficiencies of printing in […]

Where Can I Get Quality Print Services at the Best Prices?

quality print services

You might need printed banners and exhibition graphics printing. You may be seeking out corporate stationery printing from business cards to brochures. One thing is for certain, you want to avoid paying over the odds for quality print services. We all know that ordering in bulk is one way to reduce the unit cost, but […]

Local Printer for T-Shirts and Workwear

Embroidered workwear

Did you know that, as one of our many printing services, Chesham based local printer Butterfly Print and Design can brand your work, school or club uniform? Yes, we can ensure that every member of your team looks the part. A printed or embroidered uniform can give a sense of identity and cohesion. It can […]