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POS material printing and production in Chesham

What’s the best way of getting more money from customers in the retail business? Pushing for impulse buying, of course! But what’s the best way to do it? POS Material!

Point-of-Sale (POS) displays not only encourage consumers to buy items out of impulse, but also give you an edge over your competition when used right.

However, to have an effective POS display strategy, you need the best POS materials. And that’s why Butterfly Print and Design is here for you!

Get high-quality POS materials from a local printer in Chesham

For over 33 years, Butterfly Print and Design has been offering top-quality POS advertising services to the good people of Chesham and beyond. Our full service includes POS material designing, printing, and production.

Some of the POS materials we provide include:


Posters can be placed on any flat vertical surfaces such as walls or on the counter. Generally, they come in four main sizes: A4, Small (11 inches by 17 inches), Medium (18 inches by 24 inches), and Large (24 inches by 36 inches).

However, depending on your marketing needs, you can decide on a customized size and printing style. Apart from the counter, you can use posters on a shelf, display window, and even on other promotional display units.

Countertop POS display units

Smaller products like snacks, small toiletries, and beauty items are suitable POS countertop products to display. Counter point of sale display units are extremely cost-saving, yet highly effective because all customers will see them when checking out.

Free-standing POS materials

From introducing the latest makeup brands to offering a promotional sale on toys, self-standing point of sale displays are perfect for the products you want to draw the most attention to. You can place them outside an outlet to grab the attention of passers-by.

Point of sales display stands come in different types, including roll-up stands, cut-outs, MDF stands, pallet displays, canvas stands, and many more.

Quality POS Material


Danglers are simply hanging signage dangled from a ceiling in a store. They can be as simple as a rectangular hanging strip with DISCOUNT or SALE printed on it, or as complex as a 3D model of the product you’re promoting.

POS wobblers

POS wobblers are low-cost, easy-to-use, and an effective way of attracting customers’ attention. These are branded tags stuck on shelves to make your item pop out, giving you a leg up over your competitors on the same shelf.

You can use wobblers to display sale messages which persuade a customer to make a purchase. They’re suitable for all types of retailers including convenience stores, supermarkets, hardware stores, electronic stores, and even banks.

Bunting displays

Bunting point of sale displays are suitable for bringing more attention to ongoing sales in a store. These are simply small flags, ribbons, or stickers tagged together on a string with the intended message printed on them.

You can even use them on the store’s display window or door.

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POS materials in Chesham? Look no further than Butterfly Print and Design

Apart from maintaining the highest standards of quality, our immense resources allow us to handle bulk orders for multiple customers. Even better, we make it our top-most priority to retain the personal service offered by a small business.

Our team of professional designers is always available and ready to help you with creative solutions for winning visual merchandising and POS advertising.

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We’re on your doorstep, so for any design or print requirements simply give us a call on 01494 782605  or sales@butterflyprintanddesign.com or pop in- we can be found at 21 Germain Street, Chesham, Buckinghamshire.