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Environmental printing for quality without compromise

Butterfly Print and Design is delighted to offer sustainably sourced or 100% recycled papers, along with vegetable-based inks for all corporate printing services.

In addition to making an ethical stance, we know that the quality is so good, that it is nearly impossible to distinguish between environmentally-friendly printing and any other option. If there was a noticeable difference in the texture of the paper, the print quality or cost of ‘green’ products, we would be more reticent. As it is, we feel able to offer environmental printing without compromise.

Chesham printer embracing environmental printing

Our customers and your customers have never been more aware of their impact on the world. They are actively seeking out companies with green credentials. To win business, every process has to be considered and that includes environmental corporate stationery printing, brochures and leaflet printing and sustainable materials used for displays or exhibitions.

In short, we offer sustainable choices, in order that you can make it easier for your customers to make an informed decision to use your services.

How does a local printer ‘Go Green’?

Using FSC Approved and Recycled Papers for Corporate Printing Services

Even in a digital world, there is a need for printed brochures, flyers, training manuals and promotional materials. The first step is to ensure that we use papers from FSC certified sources for all corporate printing services.

The FSC stamp of approval means that the forests are sustainably managed, with more trees being planted each year than are chopped down. Did you know that European forests have been steadily increasing in size since FSC Certification was introduced?

In addition, we offer our print services on papers, of various thicknesses, with recycled fibre content. We give you the option of partially recycled or 100% recycled paper.

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Printing with Vegetable-based Inks

Traditional inks contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which release toxins when drying. In contrast, the emissions are greatly reduced when printing with vegetable-based inks. Furthermore, these inks are less likely to contain heavy metals.

Derived from natural, rather than chemical sources, vegetable-based inks are renewable. They offer environmental printing solution, whilst still providing an extensive range of colours and a high-quality print finish.

Avoiding Packaging in Plastic Materials

In the majority of cases, we deliver business stationery printing orders in corrugated cardboard boxes, rather than plastic wraps. These are formed from recycled fibres and can easily be recycled after use. They also offer great protection for the printed materials inside.

Being Considerate of Waste Management

Butterfly Print and Design have made efforts to minimise waste. We are careful to thoroughly check every detail before printing to minimise the risk of errors. We print with care, to reduce off-cuts and all paper-based waste is recycled. We also recycle ink tins and packaging.

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Get in touch with your local Chesham printer

Based in Chesham, Butterfly Print and Design strives for excellent print quality, competitive pricing and reduced environmental impact with every business stationery order. For further information, contact a member of our knowledgeable, friendly staff on 01494 782605.

We’re on your doorstep, so for any design or print requirements simply give us a call on 01494 782605  or sales@butterflyprintanddesign.com or pop in- we can be found at 21 Germain Street, Chesham, Buckinghamshire.