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Local printer now supplying contactless hand sanitiser dispensers

In response to demand, Butterfly Print & Design now supply contactless hand sanitiser dispensers. The battery-operated, refillable sanitisers can be wall-mounted, free-standing or attached to counters with ease.

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Touchless hand sanitiser dispenser

We’ve seen that sanitizer dispensing pumps are being widely used in shops, warehouses, takeaways, schools and offices. These still require the user to touch the bottle and this seems counter-intuitive.

Butterfly Print & Design has a non-touch dispenser in stock. These spray a non-drip, 75% alcohol and quick-drying sanitiser onto hands that are placed underneath. As battery-powered devices, they require no mains connection.

We can supply the dispensers with wall fixings or a stand and backboard. We can also apply our printing services to the backboards, so they can be branded for your organisation.

The dispensers have a 1-litre capacity, which equates to up to 2000 sprays. Butterfly Print & Design also supplies 5-litre refill bottles, so you can keep it topped up. How many do you need to boost hand hygiene levels?

Hand Sanitiser

How does sanitiser help to protect staff and customers?

We all touch hundreds of different surfaces every hour. Each point of contact is an opportunity for microbes to be transferred. It is impossible to stop touching things altogether, but an effective hygiene measure is to keep our hands clean.

Whilst this is especially important for reducing Covid-19 infection rates, it is good practice at all times. Even if we eradicate this global pandemic, good hand hygiene can help to reduce staff absences from colds, flu and other infections.

A thorough clean with soap and water is the best way of removing dirt, grease, bacteria and germs from our hands. Having said this, it isn’t practical to provide everyone with access to sinks. As we are being encouraged to wash our hands more frequently than usual, hand sanitiser provides a viable alternative.

Encouraging the use of a contactless hand sanitiser dispenser

For good hand hygiene, it is recommended that each application of hand sanitiser is rubbed into all areas of the hand until it dries. To be effective, the product should contain a minimum of 60% alcohol.

One step in the fight against Coronavirus is to position a hand sanitiser station at the entrance. Everyone who enters and leaves your premises should use it. Printed signage can provide clear information and encourage compliance.

You can order these as stand-alone items, but we also supply a range of Covid-19 protection solutions including plexiglass ‘sneeze screens’ and floor graphics. Together, these help to keep customers and employees informed, protected and reassured. They can help you to control the movement of people through your premises and give clear indications of where they should stand.

Items can be ordered online, or digital printing can be applied to personalise and brand your message. Contact Stuart on 01494 782605 or sales@butterflyprintanddesign.com to discuss your requirements.

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