Local Printer Providing Training Manuals for e-Learning

Local Printer Providing Training Manuals for e-Learning

The closure of schools and offices during lockdown resulted in a rapid shift to online learning. New models of education, training and development were introduced. This style of learning brings many advantages and coupled with printed training manuals, course participants have the resources to study, reference their learning and apply the knowledge.

Rapid Expansion of Online Learning

The sudden closure of workplaces and education institutions in March resulted in the rapid adoption of digital learning opportunities. Everyone, from Primary School children to Senior Executives, had to work out how to access and utilise new learning tools.

Teachers, training companies and coaches had no option but to switch to remote classrooms. The way in which information was shared altered.

With restrictions on where we could go and what we could do, the demand for online courses shot up. Whether for professional development or personal interest, learning from home became a popular choice.

Beyond the Classroom – Professional Training & Development

Many organisations made use of remote training to induct new employees and keep their team informed. With changing guidance, company policies were changing weekly. Pre-existing training manuals and staff handbooks went out of the window.

For companies who put staff on furlough, online training provided the opportunity to upskill their workforce. Printed course handbooks could be supplied to everyone who enrolled, providing them with a learning record which they could revise and reference on return to the workplace.

With changes to almost every work environment, online training is a practical way to bring everyone up to speed with new Health & Safety Policy, Operations Manuals and other procedures.

The Benefits of e-Learning


There are many benefits to learning online. Once the course is prepared, it can be made accessible to all relevant participants. For national and international companies, this means all employees receive the same training, no matter where they are based.

The location and timing of physical courses are a barrier to access, but not if people can log in at their convenience.

Cost Savings

There is no need for businesses to cover the cost of venue hire, staff transport, overnight stays and refreshments and that can lead to significant cost-savings.

Enrol Today

With physical courses, there are set enrolment dates. Your latest recruit may have to wait weeks until the next start date, but not with e-learning. Simply log in and they can begin.

Work at your Own Pace

One of the main advantages of remote learning is that each participant can work at their own pace. Existing knowledge and experience can help them to swiftly complete certain modules, whilst they can revisit trickier sections until the knowledge is cemented.

The ability to tailor the training to individual needs enables faster progress through courses and better retention of information.

The Challenges of Distance Learning

Reduced Interaction

Distance learning does have some drawbacks. Reduced interaction with other participants and tutors is part of the issue. Although forums and chatrooms do enable discussions, the social element of learning and sharing of peer knowledge is minimal.

Availability of Reference Material

The other factor when everything is online can be the lack of reference material that participants have during and at the end of the course. One option is to provide everyone who enrols with course handbooks, training manuals or printed workbooks.

e learning

How Printed Manuals, Course Handbooks and Workbooks can Aid Learning and Retention

When participants are presented with printed training manuals at the start of a course, it gives a sense that they getting something tangible for their money. They have all the necessary information at hand and can get an overview of everything that will be covered. Butterfly Print & Design can assist by preparing, collating and distributing printed resources to students.

Training documents can take the form of a workbook to guide study or may take the form of printed policy manuals, which inform on organisational values, processes and standards. They can be a point of reference during the course, as well as being available to support the application of learning at work.

Trust your Local Printer to Supply Training Manuals, Brochures and Booklets

Butterfly Print and Design is a trusted Chesham printer. Send us your content and we can advise on the layout. Details of sizes, paper types, finishes and coatings can be found on our brochure printing website page.

With a prompt turnaround, we will print your training manuals, course handbooks and policy documents. We can collate them as required and will even distribute the printed documents to individual addresses.

For further information and a quote for printing services, please contact Stuart on 01494 782605 or email stuart@butterflyprintanddesign.com.

Don’t let remote working hinder the training and development of your team. With an online course and accompanying training manuals, you can keep your team up to speed.

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How To Make Your Reduced Menu Look Beautiful With Our Bespoke Menu Printing

How To Make Your Reduced Menu Look Beautiful With Our Bespoke Menu Printing

Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, many restaurants had to close at the start of the year. As a result, they’re now playing catch-up to try and recoup their losses.

Eateries are now allowed to let customers eat inside, but many can’t get the staff or support they need to offer a full menu. Even major chains like McDonald’s has reduced its menu to save money.

While international fast-food chains might be able to bounce back later in the year, for many establishments, the issues will continue for many months.

If your restaurant is operating with a reduced menu and will have to continue for many months, then you’ll need to print new menus for your eatery. Using a temporary restaurant menu will make your business look unprofessional.

Instead, use quality menu printing services, like those that Butterfly Print And Design offers. We can help you to create the perfect new menu for your eatery.

To help you to create the perfect reduced menus for your business, we’ve put together this guide to menu printing. It outlines the range of services we offer and how they can help you to get your dining establishment back up and running.

Consider What You Want Before Ordering Your Menu Printing

Before you order your new menus, you need to know what you want to put on them. Work out what options your kitchen can deliver and then list them. Make sure that you include all of the options you’re offering and any descriptions. You should also find the images that you want to include on your new menu.

Check all of the information, to make sure that it’s all correct and accurate. If you make a mistake, then you can’t change it once printing is complete. As such, you need to review your information before you send it to the printers.

Choose From A Range Of Menu Printing Design Options

Once you have everything ready, you can start working with us to design your custom menu. Our team can help you to find the design you want for your new menus.

We offer a range of styles, including takeaway menu printing, placemat menu printing, window menu printing, and more. If you want something a little different, then we’ve got you covered. We offer bespoke menu printing services so that you receive the menu you’ve always wanted.

Our team of experienced designers can collaborate with you through every stage of the design and printing process. The result will be the perfect menu design to rejuvenate your business and entice diners.

Use A Larger Font

Reduced restaurant menus can look smaller and less exciting, but there are ways to make them stand out. One easy fix is to use a larger, clearer font.

By using a larger font, you’ll be able to make your menus look larger than it is and ensure that there aren’t large gaps on the page. A larger font will also make the menu easier to read so that guests can quickly pick out their favourite dishes.

Include More Pictures

As well as a larger font, you can also use images to make your menu look more expansive. By placing pictures strategically throughout the menu, you’ll make it look larger and more eye-catching.

Consider hiring a professional food photographer to take images of your menu items and show them in their best light.

Keep Everyone Updated On Your New Menu

Customers that don’t know that you’re open, or that you’ve got a new, reduced menu, won’t be able to enjoy it. As such, you need to find ways to keep them informed about the developments your business is undergoing.

One of the best ways to do this is to send out leaflets with your new selection of dishes printed on them. Consider creating a leaflet that you can send to potential customers in your local area.

Order Your Menu Printing Online

With so much work to do, most restaurant owners don’t have the time to travel and pick up their menus. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Our team knows that you need a reliable, remote service, so we’ve delivered one.

You can now order our quality printed products online and have them delivered to your door. We also offer discounts for local businesses, to save you money as well as time!

Butterfly Print And Design Has Everything You Need

If you’re looking for bespoke menus, logo design, business cards, or any other design and print services, then get in touch with us to find out more.

As well as our printing and designing services, we’ve also diversified to meet our clients’ needs. We now offer a range of office safety solutions to help you get back to work safely. These include hand sanitisers, plexiglass screens, and more. Whatever you need to keep your business running during the pandemic, we’ve got you covered.

Reduce the chance of Infection by using some of the following

  • Single Use Recycled Menus (Recycle after use)
  • Encapsulated Menus (Totally washable)
  • use Anti Bacterial Lamination on your menus


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The Benefits of Using Local Printers for quality Business Card Printing at Competitive Rates

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5 Tips for Ordering Corporate Printing

5 Tips for Ordering Corporate Printing

From business card printing to banners and PoS material, the cost of business printing services can mount up. As your local printer, we want to provide our tips to ensure you avoid common mistakes. With a little extra time spent on preparation, you can benefit from great value printing services.

Plan Print Orders in Advance

business stationery printing It can be cheaper to order in bulk. For this reason, plan when you are going to place a printing order in advance. You can then create a list of what is required and check with other members of the team. Consider how much of each item you realistically need. There is no point spending out on a high volume of corporate printing if it is just going to sit in the storage cupboard. Do you have any forthcoming events, exhibitions or promotions? Consider whether your local printer can supply everything you need to ensure that you make a strong impression. Are you about to recruit someone who means that business card printing is on the list? Requesting everything you need in one print order is more efficient. You can send the artwork through once, confirm your requirements and then let your local print company take over the responsibility.

Organise Artwork for Corporate Printing

Is all the artwork prepared for the necessary printing services? Is this stored in one easy to access folder? If you need assistance with print design, speak to your local printer. They may offer in-house design services, or be able to recommend a trusted graphic designer. If you need print design services in Chesham, Butterfly Print & Design is on hand to assist. Please be aware that for successful corporate printing:
  • Artwork files should be supplied with 3mm of bleed (designing your print with an extra 3mm of coverage beyond each trim mark is recommended)
  • Artwork files should be saved as 4-process colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) unless there are any spot colours specified
  • The final pdf needs to be saved to the correct size ie. A4 for brochure or menu printing or A5 for leaflet printing
  • High-resolution images are essential for creating a quality printed product. If you submit something for print that isn’t the proper resolution, your images will come out ‘soft’, blurry, or even pixilated. A minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch) is recommended.

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  • Check and Check again to Avoid Errors on your Corporate Printing

    We cannot stress the importance of thoroughly checking all information before submitting a print order. Ask others to check spelling, dates, times, prices and contact details – just one incorrect detail can leave a stack of professionally printed brochures redundant. Reviewers should also help to identify if any crucial elements are missing.

    Achieve a Consistent Print Finish

    Brand identification demands consistency. It is important to set branding guidelines which determine which logo and format are to be used on different print materials. You should specify exact colours, fonts and sizes, as well as the positioning of branding information on various sized documents. Consistency also applies to the choice of paper. Which weight do you order for your business stationery printing? Do you opt for a matt, satin or gloss finish for leaflet printing? Are printed brochures to be stitched or bound? Are printed PoS displays always laminated? By preparing standards for the look, feel and finish of corporate printing materials, it becomes easier to re-order and all items will have a uniform appearance.

    Seek Advice from your Local Printer

    Local printers like Chesham’s Butterfly Design and Print are printing thousands of leaflets, brochures, banners and business cards every week. We understand print processes, materials and how to achieve certain end results. Asking questions and making the most of this expertise can help you to achieve the results that you are looking for, in the most cost-effective ways. You are welcome to contact our Chesham Print team at sales@butterflyprintanddesign.com  or on 01494 782605 with any queries. We are happy to advise, so you receive the corporate print services that you need.
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